stress free solutions for later life planning

Patron Wills provide stress-free solutions for later life planning; including Wills, Lasting Power of Attorney and Funeral Plans. We want our clients to feel in control over their future wishes and have peace of mind.

Why Patron Wills?

Why Patron Wills? Two reasons actually.

The first – the definition of Patron is “a person who gives financial support or otherwise to a person, cause or organisation”. What better definition of a will or lasting power of attorney could there be?

The word Patron also describes my role in helping my clients perfectly. I’m there to support them, to guide them to explore their wishes and help them protect those things most important to them.

The second – a slightly more personal, yet simple reason. My mum and dad’s names are/were Pat and Ron. My Dad’s passing had a big impact on me and was one of the main drivers behind my passion in supporting and enabling people to put plans in place for ill health/death and to have those uncomfortable discussions with their loved ones. What better way to pay tribute to him and my mum than to name my business after them.


We believe in offering a refreshing, transformative experience for our customers.


We believe in approaching the serious, sensitive topics in life with humanity, a touch of humour and personality.


We believe in showing empathy for our clients as someone they can approach for advice.

why do I need a will?

The drawing up of a will allows people to ensure loved ones are given adequate financial support through their inheritance, but also to protect them, for example by appointing guardians or ensuring a partner has the right to remain in their property after they’ve died, to ensure a business can continue to operate, or a charity close to their heart can benefit after their death.

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